Thursday, 1 September 2016

Comparing our Enviro Journey

Today was a busy and exciting Friday. As well as all our normal Friday fun, we had an Enviro Day with Mrs Daniel.

We explored all the things Sunnyhills is doing to be sustainable, like the new seedling house, recycled sculptures and edible gardens. Next we read about Royal Road School and their enviro journey.

We discovered some comparisons (we both have worms bins) and contrasts  (they have enviro awards given out to classes each week and we have a seedling house).

It was great to reflect on all the enviro things we do and get some new ideas to try next. We can't wait to eat the beans and peas growing in our garden next time Mrs Daniel comes.


  1. Thank you Mrs Daniel for showing us the garden. I liked when we read the journal and read the 'Get your hands dirty'. I also liked the bottle tops' sculpture that was by Room 3 I think. We also got to plant the radishes. I enjoyed the gam that we all played Splash and Buzz. How about you?

  2. Looks like some healthy looking veges growing in your gardens.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I really enjoyed Enviro day with Mrs Daniel. We read a journal called 'Get your hands dirty' too. We also got to plant silver beet with Mrs Daniel. We found some squiggling worms to put in our gardens (some found ladybugs) and we also played a game called Splash and Buzz. I won the game Buzz! What a day! What was your favourite part on Enviro day? Great job Room 18. We are sure a sustainable class!