Sunday, 13 March 2016

Swimming Carnival Recount by Jake

Swimming Carnival  By Jake

On Wednesday 2 March 2016 we went to the Swimming Carnival. Classes went through the gate and sat down on our soft towels. Then we had a loud talk together. Everyone was saying at least 7 words per minute because they were excited.  I had butterflies in my stomach! Then our group the A s went in the pool to do freestyle. I came second but I  knew it was not where you come that mattered. I got most of my towel wet  but I had two towels to keep me dry the  other one so I didn’t get my feet hurt on the concrete. Then I did backstroke and I didn't know in which place I came! Then we finally did the last lap which was sidekick with a flutter board. After each event I talked to my friends.

It was the best Carnival ever!


  1. Wow Jake! I really enjoyed reading your Swimming Carnival Recount and yes, it was the best swimming carnival Ever!

  2. Hi, Great recount you have done! I bet the school trip was really really fun! Good stuff. FROM: Bella (jake's sister)

  3. Jake, this is a great recount. I like the adjectives you used...soft towel and loud talk! Ka pai!