Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Moment in Time...Eliza McCartney by Karthiga

Eliza McCartneyKarthiga Room 18
I am now at the Olympic Stadium at Rio De Janeiro waiting anxiously. What is going to happen? I am in deep thought, as I am wondering. I can see the 19 year old putting on the black paste with all the other competitors. They give her a pole. This is it...I hold my breath. It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

The crowd is roaring in the background and then the Olympian shoots off like a rocket actively. She jumps over and her hair springing as she is flying like an angel down to the inflatable matress. The slim pole hits the ground. She is so happy she can scream her head off. I can see the coach has the same reaction. I can smell her armpits perspiring and she continues to get happier and happier. She is very delighted. I yell, “GO ELIZA! WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!  The crowd goes wild. SHE DID IT!
After awhile, they announce the winners, “For Bronze, Eliza McCartney!” “Hooray!” I say. Maybe I can get a picture of her. I can’t wait to see what she will win next... maybe silver or gold, I say to myself. Who knows?


  1. Wow Karthiga you wrote an Amazing moment in time. I love all the describing words in your story. Well done and keep up the great effort!

  2. Wow Karthiga you are an amazing writer! I like how you added a question in as well as Angie. Keep up the fabulous work!