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Bonnie's detailed recount of Literacy Week

Literacy Week
By Bonnie Room 18
On Monday 4 April  the Year 3s went to Room 22 while the Year Fours went  to listen to Des Hunt’s presentation.
First the Year 3s listened to a story called “Where The Wild Things Are.” Then Mrs Nichols read us a poem called The Purple People Eater. She gave us a piece of paper that had a picture of the flying Purple People Eater on it. We had to colour it in. Next Mrs Nichols cut out the mouth for us.Then we cut out the flying Purple People Eater. Mrs Nichols gave us a piece of paper which we had to fold like a fan. We stuck the paper into the mouth.
After that Mrs Nichols read us a story called Nessie the Lochness Monster. We went back to the classroom. Tuesday 5 April the Grandparents came to our classroom to read us a story. First we sorted out the groups. I went to Jake’s Granddad. Next we went outside and we sat near the playground and then Jake’s granddad read us a story. He read about a mean teacher. If someone brought something to school and the teacher saw it, the teacher would take it and go back to her house and lock it in a drawer!
Wednesday 6 April the whole school went to watch a show called The Fairest of Them All. First they had an auction. A mother bear came by and she wanted to sell the broken chair. The man said we can not sell a broken chair! You chop it and there will be a pile of wood  and you can build a new chair. The bear hugged the man and said thank you! Next a woman had a magic lamp and the man asked, “Is there a magic genie in there?” The woman replied, “No, if you rub it the wrong way it disappears.” The auctioneer said, “ We can’t sell a lamp that has no magic in it! Wait we can make it a teapot, but you just pour it in your mouth.” Thank you said the woman and happily strutted away. Next Snow White wanted to have a picnic with the Prince but the Prince always was taking selfies. He took out some toast from the table that was set out and took a photo of it and named it the # fairest toast of them all! Then Snow White got really angry and snapped his selfie stick and the Prince started to cry and went inside and said # you owe me a selfie stick!
Thursday 7 April the Year Threes went to an author presentation while the Year Fours went to Rm 14. First the Year 3s sat down on the floor. Next to the author was a board. It had a lot of drawing on it and there was a paper clip and lots of paper. First she told us a bit about herself and showed us her school diary. It had lots of drawings on the back of her homework. Next  she told us when she was little she was playing with her teddy. They were playing with teddies new sunscreen (it’s really toothpaste). She went into the bathroom and got the toothpaste out the toothpaste but it was too much. She knew you couldn’t put it back in, so she splat some on the mirror and made it in a shape of a smile. Next her dad was wondering why she was in the bathroom at midnight.  Then she said nothing and he said, “Let me in.” She replied, “No!” He opened the door and he growled at her. He asked “ WHY DID YOU SPLAT SOME TOOTHPASTE ON THE MIRROR!!!
Friday 8 April it was the Book Parade. Everybody had to dress up as someone in a book. In the morning the school went to the hall for the Parade. The whole school went  around the hall in their costumes.  Most boys were Robin Hood, Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Harry Potter. Most girls were Snow White, Hermione Granger or Little Red Riding Hood.
What a fantastic Literacy Week we had!

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  1. Yes Bonnie we did have a fantastic Literacy Week! I really enjoyed your story as you have put in lots of detail and adjectives. What was your favourite part in Literacy Week? My favourite part was... EVERYTHING!!! Anyway great detailed story about Literacy Week and keep up the fabulous work Bonnie the Brilliant Writer!

  2. Wow Bonnie you put lots of effort into it. It was an amazing story about Literacy week and I liked EVERYTHING to keep up the great work!

  3. Awesome Bonnie! You put so much effort into this. You put lots of detail in your story. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the amazing effort!

  4. Wow Bonnie! What a long recount about Literacy Week! I really enjoyed reading your story as you put in lots of decreibing words. My part of the story was...EVERYTHING! Room 18 are so proud that you have written three pages of the story!!! Keep up with the amazing writing Brilliant Bonnie!