Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Art Gallery Trip by Lucy

  The Auckland Art Gallery
By Lucy Room 18
Friday 17 June Room 18 and 14 went to the Auckland Art Gallery…

When we got there Room 18 went to look at the paintings of Joseph with Sophie. She gave us some pipe cleaner people and we made them look like Joseph and his brother in the art work.

Our next stop was exploring some sculptures by South American artists. My favourite was all the different spices with the funny smell.

Next we went to the painting room where we had to paint a picture using coloured ink with Diane - she taught us some different techniques to use with the ink, water brushes and sticks.



  1. Wow Lucy! Great detailed recount about going to the Art Gallery! My favourite part in your story was the introduction as it will give the reader want to read more! I also liked the last paragraph when you said different techniques. I especially liked the word 'technique' you used. Anyway,great story and keep up the awesome work Lucy!

  2. Great job Lucy! Your recount was amazing.It looks like you put a lot of hard work into your recount.

  3. Amazing Lucy! I enjoyed reading such a fabulous recount about the Auckland Art Gallery. I really liked how you said My favourite was all the different types of spices with the funny smells.