Sunday, 31 July 2016

ASB Get Wise by Karthiga

Visit From ASB GetwiseBy: Karthiga Room:18
It was finally here! Monday 1 August! It was a beautiful day and we had a visitor named  Super Serena for ASB Getwise. She was going to train us so we could become cashletes so we know how to spend money wisely in the future.

Apparently, we had two  dramatic presenters, Serena and P.T.  Our first activity was us travelling back in time. We had to hold tight. Finally, we arrived... we were back in time where the cavemen were. There was a caveman who wanted food and he wanted to trade it with a mammoth task but everyone else offered food. It wasn’t what he wanted.
We then met a pirate named Captain Moneypants and he had so much money. Coins, jewels and much more. He had a chest to keep all of his treasures but he couldn’t carry it! It was too heavy!

We last met  D.J.Dollar Bill he had Dollar bills and he put them in his pockets but they would keep falling out! He tried putting them under his bed but his money would end up in the vacuum cleaner. Finally, we were back in time. Now, we had to have the  ‘Cash Quiz’.  P. T. ( Serena) asked us questions to see if we were listening while we went back in time. We got all the questions right and we finished the first task!

We then, formed into 3 teams for our task 2 and 3. I was in Team 3. Our task this time was called the Chorathon. So, our team leaders (our one was Skylar) had some red cups. The red cups were our chores. The last person in the team ( which was Samantha) had  $100.00 as money for each chore we did. We had to pass a  chore at a time behind our heads led by Skylar. Then Samantha had to give us $10.00 for each chore as an award and we had to pass the money forward to the team leader. We had to do this until all the cups were with Samantha (Parent/Caregiver). The winning team was team number 1!

Our last task was Shopping around. Our team leaders who were Emily, Zoe and Skylar had to go to the front with there hundred dollars. Emily was called ‘Speedy Sam’, Zoe was called ‘Jogging Jennifer’ and Skylar was called ‘Walking William.’  Speedy Sam was really fast! Jogging Jennifer would take things a bit casually and Walking William would walk the WHOLE time! He was so slow. So the race started in 3,2,1 GO! Off went the cashletes. Speedy Sam was first... she spotted three shops. She went into Shop Number 1! All competitors had to buy a scooter, helmet and a bell in $100! Speedy Sam had given all her money to buy a scooter, helmet and bell! Off she went with the scooter and her helmet with her bell and arrived first!  Next, came Jogging Jennifer. She chose shop number two. She bought a scooter, helmet and bell for $70.00! She went off and arrived second. Finally, came Walking William! He chose shop number three and bought all three items for $60.00 and arrived lastly! The winner was Walking William because he saved the most money while he shopped!  

We also learned a rhyme called, When you earn money what do you do? Spend some on you and save some too!  We learned about  Eftpos cards... how the money you use is yours and how credit cards mean you borrow money from the bank. We learned that a special number you use to use your Eftpos is called a PIN which stands for personal identification number.  We also talked about what we should have for our PIN number. We learned something you can remember but not someone else knows. We learned that there are two types of interest. Banks give you interest on your money and the other type means when banks charge interest on the money you borrow. Now we were fully qualified bank experts and we have proof because we got wristbands.  The colours were grey, black and yellow.

2008-06-19 00.52.10.jpg

In conclusion, I really enjoyed Super Serena coming to our class to teach us about money!


  1. Wow Karthiga! What a long recount about the ASB GetWise visit.I enjoyed the last part where the team leaders come up and play the last and final game, Shop Around. The winner was skylar. Anyway, great job and keep up the amazing work!

  2. Wow Karthiga! I loved reading your story. It had all the details from our time with Serena. It was like I was there again!

  3. WOW Karthiga what an amazing story about GetWise ASB lesson. I loved every second of it. your a excellent writer keep up the amazing work

  4. Serena taught us a lot of things I liked the bit when we traveled through time. What about you?