Sunday, 31 July 2016

ASB GetWise Recount by Angie

ASB Getwise Lesson

On the 1 August 2016 Room 18 had an ASB lesson on how to keep your money safe. Serena was our coach today. First we talked about how we should keep our  money in a bank. After we counted to ten while Serena put on a whistle and put a headband on her forehead. Now she was P.T which meant Personal Trainer.

Then we went back in time. This was done by P.T. blowing her whistle and us saying, “Wow Wow Wow!” First we saw a cave man. He was hungry so he killed a mammoth and cut the tusk off. He tried to trade it for some food. In the end  he didn’t  find any so P.T. blew her whistle again and we repeated, “Wow Wow Wow!” Next we met Pirate MoneyPants. He tried to trade his gold and silver but his treasure was too heavy to carry. Lastly we met DJ Dollar Bill. He had lots of notes but he couldn’t find anywhere to put them. He put them in his pockets. But they fell out. Then he tried under his bed but his mum vacuumed them up. So lastly he tried burying them in the garden but his dog dug them up and ate every last bit.

Finally we were back. We played three games called Money Quiz, Chorathon and Shop Around. In Shop Around Emily was Speedy Sam, Zoe was  Jogging Jennifer and Skylar was Walking William. We talked about Eftpos cards and credit cards. Then we learnt rhymes.

Finally we said good bye. That was super fun! My favourite thing was when we met the characters. I wish we could do it again!


  1. Yes Angie... I wish we could do that again! I really enjoyed her coming because she was very funny! I learned lots of the things about credit cards and Eftpos cards. I truly enjoyed Serena coming!

  2. Wow Angie! Your story was amazing! You were clever to do a conclusion.