Thursday, 7 July 2016

End of Term Buddy Time

What a lovely way to end Term 2...buddy get-together in the Library. Look at all the sharing and caring!


  1. Room 18 had a great time spending with our buddy class at the library on the last day of school! We read lots of books, some of us drew and we were chatting a lot too! I really enjoyed Term 2 this year!

  2. What a caring way to end the last day of school, in the library with our buddies reading books and colouring at the drawing table. There was lots of chatting and even lots of excitment!

  3. The last day of term 2 was fantastic! Reading with our buddy class was super fun. I read my buddy loads of books. Everybody seemed to enjoy reading or coloring with their buddies. I wish we could redo that day.