Sunday, 10 April 2016

Martin's thank you letter to Mr Chaudhary

Room 18
Sunnyhills school
The Crest
Pakuranga  2010

1 April 2016

Dear Tony

Thank you for helping us at the Millennium Centre. I had a wonderful time... it was the best day ever! I loved kayaking, especially when we flipped the kayak over. I was soaked! I was getting a little bit chilly so I got out to dry myself off.

Your friend


  1. Great Letter Martin! I think Tony will love your letter to him and yes, it was really fun going Kayaking!

  2. I like the way you set out your letter, Martin. Well done! You could ask a question for Mr Chaudhary to answer.

  3. Nice job on getting your work on the blog Martin! Did visiting the Millennium Centre make you want to try kayaking again?

  4. My dad loved your letter Martin!

  5. Thank you Martin ! - Tony