Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Robin Hoods at our Character Parade

Character  Parade by Jake

On Friday our class went to the Character Parade. It meant we had to dress up as book characters. It was fun!  We were probably the 8th  class to go around the crowd. I dressed up as Robin Hood. I had a bow and arrow. I thought I looked just like the real shadowy character.  I also thought  five-hundred people looked fabulous in their costumes.

2008-02-25 01.39.24.jpg


  1. Great Job Jake! I also really enjoyed walking around the big crowd and most of all our dazzling costumes. I was Goldilocks from the story Goldilocks and the three bears. I wore a golden wig and a pink dress.I have spotted a mistake though, you have put On 'Sunday' when it was actually the weekend and not school time! Hopefully you can fix that mistake up! Anyway great story about the Book Parade! :)

  2. Good job Jake! I enjoyed reading your story about the Book Parade!