Sunday, 10 April 2016

Purple People Eater by Shyla

Literacy Week 
 by Shyla Room 18 

On Monday 4 March 2016 the Year Threes went to Room 22 while the Year Fours listened to Des Hunt. First Mrs Nichols read Where The Wild Are. Then she read us a poem called Purple People Eater. After she read us the poem. She gave us a Purple People Eater picture. She told us to colour in the picture. I coloured in a rainbow Purple People Eater. Mrs Nichols told us to at least colour something purple because it was called Purple People Eater. I did a purple nose, purple ears, pink arms and legs. We cut out our Purple People Eater. Finally finished it by getting a red piece of paper to make a tongue.


  1. Wow Shyla! It looks like you had an awesome time making a rainbow purple people eater on Literacy week!

  2. You enjoyed creating a Purple People Eater, Shyla. I like your clear instructions on how you made the Purple People Eater. Check your last sentence.

  3. Good job Shyla! I really like what you have done.Year 4's also made Purple People Eaters while you were watching your entertainer (although I hardly did anything purple). I did a:brown mustache with a fuchsia outline, red, orange and yellow for the ears and red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink for the body.

  4. Was it fun? I like how you wrote it step by step.