Monday, 28 November 2016

Abby's Orangutan Report

The Orangutan

The orangutan lives in the rain forest of southeast Asia . It shares 97% of the same DNA as  human blood.

In times past orangutans have been taken to become slaves but  they’ve been trying to avoid it .

The Orangutan has the longest childhood dependence on the mother  of any  animal in the world , so the orangutan survives .

Orangutans are adorable creatures which means the orangutan spends most of it’s time in trees. Orangutans mainly eat fruit and wild figs. They're vegetarians.

The Orangutan’s adaptations are its long arms because the branches  are long so the orangutans has support to swing through the trees.

Jaw dropping facts:
Orangutans are losing their homes as rainforests are being cut down. Baby Orangutans are dying. Their mothers are being taken as pets!.

An estimate of how many orangutans are left in the wild is about 5000 left …..that's not much!  

By Abby


  1. Wow Abby your orangutan report was awesome! You had lots of interesting facts. A very good fact that I enjoyed was the orangutan shares 97% of the same DNA as human blood. Anyway, you wrote an amazing report!

    1. I agree Emily... I enjoyed reading Abby's report too! My favourite fact was also how the orangutan shares 97% of the same DNA as human blood! Now, that's a really scary fact! Anyway, awesome job Abby!

  2. Nice animal report Abby! I still can't belive that orangutans' used to be slaves. Would you? Any way Nice job Abby.