Thursday, 24 November 2016

Athletics representatives from Room 18

We are very proud of you Angie, Xavier and Reagan.  Angie for coming 2nd in the 70 metre Sprints final, Xavier for throwing so well at softball throw and Reagan for running so fast in Sprints and the Relay Team.


  1. Congratulations to Xavier, Reagan and Angie! You have all participated at the Interschool Athletics and made Sunnyhills very proud. Wow, Xavier! You have thrown an incredibly long way. Reagan, who always runs really fast and has done a great job in the running and the relays and Angie for also running her best and has came second in the 70 metre final! Wow, you three! I wouldn't be surprised if you came first next year!

  2. Awesome job Reagan and Xaiver for competing in the inter-school athletics. You all did a jolly good sprint or throw. I bet you are proud of yourselves.