Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Skylar's Panda Report


By Skylar

The Chinese panda comes from Southwestern China. It belongs to the   bear  family... it is an omnivore.

The panda has very strong paws that can grip well. They are very good climbers but their eyesight is very poor.

Diet and habitat:
Although it's classed as a flesh-eater it’s normal diet is bamboo and very occasionally bamboo rats and small birds. The panda spends two thirds of a day eating.

The panda’s adaptations are it’s molar teeth. It’s teeth are used for crushing bamboo.

Jaw dropping facts:
The panda has the largest molars of any carnivores. The giant panda spends 16 hours eating.

The mating is the only time they can breed. A mother panda can have two cubs at a time but if she does the second one is unlikely to survive.


Only 1600 pandas are left in the world. People are killing them to get their fur. Now it is illegal to kill them


  1. Awesome animal report Skylar! My favourite fact was that Pandas spend eating for 2/3 of their day! WOW! Anyway, great work!

  2. Nice animal report Skylar! I learnt so much about the panda. I learnt that the panda spends 16 hours eating. Thank you for teaching me those facts.