Monday, 28 November 2016

Samantha's Zebra Report

The Zebra
Zebra’s live in Africa. They are vegetarians. Zebra’s live in the equidae family along with the donkey and horse.

There are 4 species of zebra:
1.The Grevy’s Zebra, 2.The Plains Zebra, 3.The Mountain Zebra, 4.The Hartmann's Zebra

Zebras eat grass and leaves for their diet.

Zebra’s live in the grasslands and deserts of Africa.

Zebras each have a pattern of stripes, pointed ears and sturdy legs that help them to survive in the wild.

Did you know:
Zebras run on their toes. They have a layer of black skin under the black and white stripy fur that covers their bodies. When they sleep they stand up. Also A zebra's ears tell the mood that they are in.

Zebras are very interesting creatures. Zebra crossings have been named after the black and white stripes of the Zebra.

By Samantha


  1. Siobhan Gerritsen30 November 2016 at 00:59

    That was a very interesting report Samantha! I didn't know that Zebras run on their toes or that they have a layer of black skin under their fur. Well done!

  2. Wow Samantha! You have done a great zebra report! You taught me that there was 4 species of zebra. I also didn't know they sleep standing up! Anyway,well done!

  3. Awesome animal report Sam! You taught me that the species of the zebra are the Grevy's zebra, Plain zebra, Mountain zebra and the Hartmann zebra. Nice one Sam!

  4. Great work, Samantha! I wonder what sorts of ways the Zebras' ears change depending on their mood. I might have to go and do some reading of my own to try and find out!