Tuesday, 29 November 2016

BaiLin's Siamang Gibbon Report

Siamang Gibbons

Introduction                               by BaiLin

Siamang Gibbons live in Sumatra.

The Simon Gibbon has a large socket on it’s throat.


The Siamang Gibbon is an omnivore. 75% their diet is fruit, leaves, flower, seed, tree bark and tender plant shoots.


Extra long fingers and strong arms to grip and swing through the trees are the Simon Gibbons adaptations.

Jaw dropping facts

The scientific name is Hylobates Syndactylus
The size is 4464 centimetres the weight for 4 to 3 kg age of sexul Matarilty5 to 7 years.


Siamang Gibbons are facing extinction.


I hope Simon Gibbons will never become extinct.

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  1. Wow BaiLin! Great animal report on the Siamang Gibbons. You taught me that the scientific name for the Siamangs were Hylobates Syndactyulas. Anyway, awesome work!