Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Matthew's Siamang Gibbons Report


Male Siamangs are slightly bigger than female Siamangs.

Siamang gibbons have been swinging at the top of trees for many years.

The Siamangs have a throat sac that can inflate to the size of their head. It makes their voices louder. Their voices can travel up to 3 kilometres
Siamang Gibbons are found on the island of Sumatra. Siamangs are omnivores... they eat lots of fruit which is 75% of their diet.

They have a big tail and long arms to help them swing around.

Jaw Dropping Facts:
The Siamang Gibbons real name is Hylobates Syndactylus. There hands  are called brachiations. They weigh up to 13kg.

There are more than 1,000 left in the world. In 100 years there is a 20% chance that Siamang Gibbons might be extinct   

I hope there will always be Siamang Gibbons on earth.

By Matthew



  1. Wow Matthew! What a nice simang gibbon report. My favorite fact is that if the gibbon inflate the sacs they will be heard for up to three kilometers.

  2. WOW Matthew! Great Siamang Gibbon report! You had lots of information about the Siamang Gibbon. I liked the fact when you said 'Siamang Gibbons can be heared 3 km away! Anyway, great job!

  3. Nice animal report Matthew. You taught me heaps about Siamang gibbons. My favourite fact is how they use their air sacks to make them louder. I agree I hope there will always be Siamang gibbon.

  4. Awesome report Matthew! I learned that their voice can travel 3 kilometres。 Wow! I hope that the siamang gibbons suriove in the wild.