Monday, 28 November 2016

Winnie's Jaguar Report


The Jaguar is the largest wild cat in America. It belongs to the cat family. Jaguars are mammals. They are carnivores and eat a diet rich in meat and fish.

All subspecies are endangered, many are practically extinct outside of zoos. They breed successfully. Loss of habitat to farming, over-hunting both for it’s fur and to protect farm animals present greatest threats.

This animal has a unique type of spot called a rosette. The leopard looks the same. Although both animals have similar body outlines. The Jaguar is more heavily built with a stocky appearance and sturdy legs. The Leopard’s head is smaller and narrower looking than the Jaguar. The Jaguar’s jaw is larger and more powerful looking than the leopard’s jaw.

The Jaguar’s preferred habitat is the rainforest, but they are also found across other forested areas and open plains.

The Jaguar’s spotted coat acts as a form of camouflage in swamp areas and rainforests.

Jaw dropping facts:
The Jaguar has a very powerful jaw… it’s bite force is more than a lion! The Jaguar and the Leopard are the only big cats which do not roar. Their jaws are stronger than any other species of cats. With these strong jaws, Jaguars will crunch down on bones and eat them. In fact, in the zoo, bones are part of a Jaguar’s diet.

Cross breeding:
Of the five species of big cats, lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopard are all interbred quite freely in captivity. But Jaguars can only interbreed with lions.

As you can see, the Jaguar is a very unique animal. It’s coat provides excellent camouflage but it’s fur is prized. Now the Jaguar is a very rare/endangered animal.

By Winnie

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  1. Wow Winnie! You did a great job with your report. I never knew that jaguars and leopards are the only cat that don't roar as other cats do. Anyway well done and keep up the awesome work!