Sunday, 8 May 2016

Angie's Autumn Poem

Autumn Time
By Angie
Leaves scattered underneath my feet
Sparkly grass from the morning dew
I look around up, down, all around
Red, green, orange, yellow and gold
Bold Autumn trees
Crinkly leaves giving a crunchy cry
A mixture of weather this Autumn season
A soft breeze blowing on my face
Birds are getting ready to fly away
I love Autumn


  1. An amazing job Angie on getting your work on the blog! I liked your first sentence when said leaves scattered under my feet. Another sentence I really liked was crinkly leaves giving a crunchy cry. You used lots of describing words in your poem to make it interesting! Great Job Angie!!!

  2. Fantastic job Angie I loved your story about leaves. my favourite was crinkly leaves giving a crunchy cry Keep it up!

  3. Nice job Angie! your poem has made pictures in my mind. My favourite part is sparkly grass from the morning dew. Keep up the great work!