Monday, 9 May 2016

Zoe's Autumn Poem

Autumn leaves floating down
Making a bed
Crashing under my feet
Making a crunching noise
Take a look around
See all the beautiful colours
Red orange yellow brown and purple
I love autumn !

By Zoe Room 18


  1. Wow Zoe!!! I really liked reading your poem! You had lots of great ideas for your your poem about autumn. You had lots of adjectives too! My favourite part was when you mentioned Autumn leaves making a bed crashing under my feet. I thought that was one of your best ideas in your poem Zoe! Keep up the great work Zoe!!!

  2. Great poem Zoe - I liked the way you said "Autumn leaves floating down making a bed" that is so true!

  3. Great work Zoe. I like all the beautiful leaves too. Well done

  4. I like the way you talk about all of the beautiful colours, Zoe. I like the part when you wrote about the leaves making a crunching noise under my feet. Good job Zoe!
    By Lily.

  5. Great work Zoe! You had lots of good language keep up the great work!