Thursday, 5 May 2016

Skylars Autumn Poem

Autumn Poem
Long leaves, short leaves
Sparkling leaves, Autumn leaves
Fragile leaves, edible leaves
Leaves I eat
Leaves that I see
Colourful leaves, brown, purple
Red, black, yellow
Crunchy leaves, munchy leaves
Leaves that people step on
Leaves leaves leaves!
By Skylar Room 18


  1. Great Job Skylar! I really enjoyed reading your poem about Autumn! I really liked how you used lots of adjectives to describe your nouns. Room 18 are so proud of your hard work this term. Keep up the Great Work Skylar!!

  2. Great job Skylar I loved your poem about leaves like crunchy leaves munchy leaves sparkling, leaves and fragile leaves Good job!

  3. I love all your colours Skylar. You must be proud you are up here.Great work

  4. Nice poem Skylargood job!