Thursday, 19 May 2016

Jake's Story about Digestion

The Process of Digestion by Jake Rm 18

This is the story of the digestive system.

The mouth is where  your teeth, tongue and saliva  break up the food that you put in your mouth. Then it goes into the oesophagus which squishies and squashes the food. Next it goes into the stomach  and acid  dissolves and breaks it down further. After that it goes into the small intestine which breaks it down even more. But it still needs to be broken down a little more so it goes to the large intestine. From both  the small and large intestine the good vitamins go into the bloodstream and get pumped around the body by the heart. The waste left in the large intestine comes out of the body.

That is how your food is digested.


  1. Wow Jake a really great report you have done! I really liked the sentence when you said...Next it goes into the stomach and acid and dissolves and breaks it down further. I especially liked the word dissolves in the sentence.Great Effort Jake!

  2. This is a good description of digestion. I liked how you explained how the different parts of the body break down food.

  3. Wow! Out standing! I learnt about that in year 5. See you on wet day!

  4. Wow! Jake you explained digestion really well and put great effort into it good job!

  5. Shelley (Jake's mum)1 July 2016 at 13:49

    Sounding very scientific here Jake, you've taken us on a great digestive journey x