Thursday, 5 May 2016

Karthiga's Autumn Poem

           Autumn Leaves   by: Karthiga Room 18

Autumn Leaves
Ruby red
Buttercup yellow
Rusty brown
Gold leaves shimmering
Hanging tightly on a brown wrinkly tree

Long leaves
Short leaves
Thin leaves
Fat leaves
Zig-Zag leaves
In the Autumn air.

Leaves like tissue paper
Leaves belly flopping on the ground
Leaves like Acrobats
Leaves like Ballerinas

Trees surrounding us
Deciduous trees
Evergreen trees
Multi coloured trees
Leaves rustling together
Trees swaying side by side

Grass damp under my feet
Leaves prickly like hedgehogs
Lush green grass
Foggy grass from the morning dew

Swish! Swish!
Make a wish!
Autumn is in the air!


  1. Wow karthiga. I really like your amazing story about leaves! It's like we have it in mind Keep it up!

  2. Great work Karthiga!that was Amazing.I love all the describing words. You made pictures in my mind. Fascinating.keep up the great effort.

  3. Wow Karthiga I liked EVERYTHING! You had lots of adjectives and nouns keep up the amazing work!