Thursday, 5 May 2016

Emily's Autumn Poem

Autumn Poem By: Emily Room: 18

Red leaves
Brown leaves
Softly drifting down
Leaves as crispy as crackers

Evergreen trees
Deciduous trees
Swaying side to side
Trees as colourful as rainbows      

Dry grass
Damp grass
Squelching as you walk
Grass as damp as soggy chips
Purple leaves
Orange leaves
Speedily drifting down
Leaves as delicate as glass


  1. Great Job Emily! I really liked reading your poem about Autumn. You used lots of different adjectives and similes so that the reader could get pictures in their mind about how Autumn might look like. Great Effort Emily on your poem!

  2. Great job Emily on your poem! I liked how it flowed while I was reading it.

  3. Nice job Emily! I really liked the poem! it made lots of pictures in my mind! my favorite part was "leaves as crispy as crackers! keep up the good work!