Thursday, 19 May 2016

Winnie's Digestion Report

The Process Of Digestion
By Winnie Room 18
You are about to read and learn about The Process of Digestion.

The mouth contains teeth, saliva and a  tongue that breaks down the food into tiny little bits.  

The Oesophagus squishes and squashes then pushes the food into the stomach.

In the stomach acid breaks the food  into into tiny little pieces

Now it is moving through the Small Intestine.The sugar and vitamins and nutrients gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

The heart pumps the blood all around the body.

The  rest of the food becomes waste in the Large Intestine then………Pop! It goes out of your body.

That’s how food goes through your body.


  1. Wow Winnie! I really liked your first paragraph when you said... The mouth contains teeth saliva and a tongue. I especially liked when you used the word 'contain.' Anyway great report on digestion Winnie!!!

  2. I loved reading your story. It had so much information about your digestive system.

  3. Well done writing the process of digestive system!

  4. wow Winnie I liked you explained proses of digestoin.And when you said your about to read and learn about digestion.That is a great start for digestoin well done Winnie!