Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Process of Digestion by Angie

The Process of Digestion
By Angie Room 18

You are now about to learn about the digestion process.

Imagine you are picking an apple off an apple tree. You bite into the juicy sweet apple. Crunch Crunch! You are using your tongue  teeth and saliva. Now you are swallowing a mouthful of apple. Your bits of apple are now going through your Oesophagus. The Oesophagus squishes and squashes the apple into the Stomach. Now it breaks into smaller molecules from the acid. Now it is starting to squish into the Small Intestine which jingles and jangles it into the bloodstream. The Heart pumps the blood all around the body. Then it goes into the Large Intestine. Now it goes through the Large Intestine then ……...POP! Now it’s out of your body.

That is how food goes through your body.


  1. Wow Angie! That was a great report on digestion. I really like when you used descriptive language. Great Job and keep up the great work Angie!

  2. I liked how you used describing words like "as you bite into the crunchy apple". I can imagine the crunchy apple going through my digestive system.

  3. Wow you are one busy writer Angie keep up the great work!